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​During the course of your children’s school years, you may have cause to make a complaint about an issue with your child’s education. The following procedure may assist in determining the best outcome.

Discuss your complaint with the class teacher

If your complaint is with your child’s teacher or relates to an issue concerning your child’s experience at school, make an appointment with that teacher as soon as possible. Share the information you have about the problem with the teacher. Give the teacher the opportunity to share all he/she knows about the incident or problem. Together, both parent/carer and teacher should then take steps to resolve the problem at this level.

Discuss your complaint with the principal

Where the teacher has been approached as above but the issue remains unresolved, it is possible to make an appointment with the school principal to discuss the issue further. If your complaint is related to the school more generally including issues of school policy or its compliance or non-compliance you should raise your complaint directly with the principal or his/her delegate.

Contact district office

If you feel your complaint still has not been addressed, you have the right to contact the executive director (schools) who is the supervisor of the principal and oversees activities of schools in that particular education district (07) 5562 4888. When you contact district office you will be advised that your name and the nature of your issue will be reported back to the principal of your school. Anonymous complaints will only be acted upon if enough information is provided to allow for follow up with the principal. If still dissatisfied, parents/caregivers may choose to progress their complaint in writing to the deputy-director of Education Queensland (07) 3221 4953. You should be aware that if you are making a complaint about a staff member, that in most instances the staff member will be told of the complaint and offered the right of reply. If your complaint relates to suspected official misconduct or criminal activity then you should make your complaint directly to the Crime and Misconduct Commission or the Queensland Police Service.